On-board video surveillance

Our on-board video surveillance solution creates a future-proof security hub that allows you to monitor and manage situations in real time. It helps you ensure the safety and security of passengers on-board. You will be able to manage, process, view, store and distribute live and recorded video.

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Safe and secure journey

The fully digital video surveillance subsystem enables effective and easy security control. The system utilizes video recorders to store video streams from IP surveillance cameras in the vehicle. The live streams can be viewed on user interfaces from interior and rear-view cameras, and even from cameras installed on the wayside.

Live camera view with 24/7 access

As part of our video management system, we offer a wireless link that enables sufficient wireless access even to fast moving trains. It also allows live view and helps rail personnel to define possible threats and react quickly, e.g., in case of emergency and other incidents that require immediate action.

Connecting data from various sources

The video streams are complemented with metadata from various sources and events, such as journey tracking and emergency calls or brakes to enable effective situational analysis.

Advanced data security

The on-bord CCTV system features advanced data security achieved by digital signature, 加密, and tight access control. The most modern cybersecurity technologies ensure that the system keeps all your data safe and it is compliant to regulations including GDPR.

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With our on-board solution and its subsystems, you can provide easier and safer journey for passengers on the move.